Mawaca is a performing Brazilian group that is also known for the interesting research and recreation of the music from all over the world.

Mawaca singers perform in more than twenty languages. Since 1995, Mawaca has developed a solid career with six albums, three DVDs, and two books. The band performed in Greece, Germany, Portugal, Spain, China, Bolivia, and France. Without any support from the mainstream music industry, the band relies on sold-out concerts and a faithful audience in Brazil.

One of its distinctive characteristics is its cultural plurality which is always involving the audience in the dialogue between ancient and modern and west and east. The repertoire consists of new versions of songs from different traditions such as the Japanese and the African, from countries and regions as distant as Finland and Mexico and the Iberian Peninsula, and always establishing connections with Brazilian music elements.

The multicultural performance of MAWACA reveals the alchemical element responsible for that which makes an archaic song extremely attractive to contemporary ears.

The group is directed by Magda Pucci – composer, arranger, singer, and researcher – who has been developing an extensive research on Brazilian indigenous music in the past 25 years.

Mawaca surprises all of us, Brazilians and foreigners, for never before has an all Brazilian band been able to show the diversity of music from all over the globe with such flexibility and creativity.




Magda Pucci (music director)


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